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The PASCAL package press including strapping and automated dunnage infeed system lies at the heart of SPRINGER packaging lines. It excels due to its superior productivity and low maintenance requirements. 

Movable strapper for transverse sections

The single strapping device on the transverse section can be moved to any possible position.

Fully automatic stick handling system

SPRINGER’s fully automatic stick handling system scans and rejects short and broken sticks before they get fed to the fully automatic stick laying device. 

X-PAK 3000 trimming system

SPRINGER’s multi-layer cutting solution combines both cutting and stacking in one process. The shortest possible length is 32”.

Stick placer systems

SPRINGER’s stick placer systems are fully automated, low in maintenance, and can be integrated into existing installations.

Single fork stacker

SPRINGER’s fork stacker guarantees steady flow of material and enables single layers of lumber to be piled up in a bundle.

Dual fork stackers

Powerful and efficient - SPRINGER’s dual fork stacker has no downtime due to independent operations of the forks. 

Box piling

A SPRINGER box piling layout enables different board lengths to be fed to the stacker section. A uniform package edge is still formed on both sides of the package. The key advantage of this SPRINGER solution is that the drying chambers can be used to maximum efficiency.

Step feeder

In systems where a diverse range of wood sizes are sorted, the step feeder can also be optionally bridged, so that large sizes can still be fed directly to the unscrambler.

Sorting systems

SPRINGER offers diverse sorting systems which are efficient and material friendly.

  • Bin sorting
  • Horizontal Sorting
  • Sling sorters
  • Slanting Tray sorting system
  • Drop bin

Board unscrambler

The SPRINGER board unscrambler is used to separate piles of boards to a single layer.  An adjustable rail system ensures the automatic positioning according to the thickness of the lumber.

Fully automatic stick outfeed system

With SPRINGER’s automatic stick outfeed system, the sticks slip onto a conveyor belt after unstacking and are transferred to the subsequent stick cross conveyor. 

Tilt hoist

SPRINGER tilt tables are very robust and steady. Add-ons are available to increase the efficiency even more.

Customized support

As a family-run company, our customers are our top priority. With over 70 years of combined experience in the wood processing industry, our sales team is skilled at finding the best solutions for our customers' needs.


Sales Team