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Optimize log yard and save costs

Take advantage of the most innovative 4.0 technologies on the market: The SPRINGER IoT Smart Box System lets you work digitally and efficiently, while minimizing your timber handling costs. Bin fill rate are read in real time and, through the connection to the SPRINGER IoT platform – displayed predictively. The timber yards of other providers can also be connected to the SPRINGER IoT Smart Box System.

Your Benefits

  • Digital, efficient work
  • Connected timber yards
  • Bin fill rate detection
  • Automatic unloading order to the nearest loader
  • Key figure analysis
  • Lower costs (less fuel, optimized routes)

Customized support

As a family-run company, our customers are our top priority. With over 70 years of combined experience in the wood processing industry, our sales team is skilled at finding the best solutions for our customers' needs.


Sales Team